Custom Cakes and Cupcakes

Custom Cakes start at $35.00 for a 6" (serves 8 )  Price below are based on 6" and 8" Cake, simple buttercream design. Upcharge for custom design- Request a quote for 9", 10", 12" 14"16"

These cakes are considered "party cakes" and are torted into four layers which consist of three layers of filling.

Cupcakes start at $24.00 dozen 


Favorite Flavor Combinsations

(All Cakes are iced in either American Buttercream or Vanilla Italian Buttercream)

Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Butter, Raspberry, Orange Cake Filled and Iced in American Buttercream - $35/$45

Specialty Cakes and Fillings:

1. Spring Fling - Lemon Cake filled with Lemon Curd - $40/$50

2. Tropical Night - Coconut Cake filled with Pineapple - $40/$50

3. Strawberry Shortcake - Vanilla Cake filled with Strawberry Buttercream and Fresh Strawberries - $40/$50

4. Raspberry Shortcake - Vanilla Cake filled with Raspberry Buttercream and Fresh Raspberries - $40/$50

5. Sunburst - Orange Cake Filled with Lemon Curd and Pastry Cream - $45/$55

6.  Smooth Jazz - Red Velvet Cake Filled with Cream Cheese - $45/$55

7.  Summer Breeze - Pistachio Cake filled with Pineapple - $45/$55

8. Wedding Cake - Almond Cake filled with Raspberry Buttercream and Fresh Raspberries - $45/$55

9. Heavenly Chocolate - Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate Mousse - $50/$60

10. Coffee Shop - Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate Espresso Mousse - $50/$60

11. 24K Dream - Carrot Cake filled with Cream Cheese - $45/$55

12. Feeling Spicy -Spice Cake Filled with Cream Cheese and Chopped Apple Compote - $50/$60

13. Strawberry Fields -Strawberry Cake filled with Vanilla Pastry Cream and Fresh Strawberries - $45/$55

14. Black Forest - Chocolate Cake Filled with Cherry Compote- $55/$65

15. Cherry Cordial - Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ganache, Cherry Compote- $55/$65

16. Raspberry Cordial - Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ganache, Raspberry Compote - $55/$65

17. Raspberry Lemon Drop - Lemon Cake, Raspberry Chantilly Cream, Lemon Curd - $55/$65

18. Lemon Drop - Lemon Cake, Lemon Chantilly Cream, Lemon Curd - $55/$65

19. Peanut Butter Chocolate - Chocolate Cake filled with Peanut Butter Cream-$55/$65

20. Orange Chocolate-Orange Cake/Choco Ganache $55/$65

21. Chantilly Cream Cake - Vanilla Cake Filled with Fresh Fruit 

(Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Blackberry), Vanilla Marscapone Cream and Iced in Vanilla Marscapone Cream $55/$65

22. Orange Cream Cake - Orange Cake, Filled with Orange Marscapone Cream, Iced in Vanilla Marscapone Cream $55/$65

23.  Lemon Cream Cake - Lemon Cake, Filled with Lemon Marscapone  Cream, Iced in Vanilla Marscapone Cream $55/$65

24. Raspberry Cream Cake - Raspberry Cake, Filled with Raspberry Marscapone  Cream, Iced in Vanilla Marscapone Cream $55/$65

25. Chocolate Cream Cake - Chocolate Cake, Filled with Chocolate Marscapone Cream, Iced in Chocolate Marscapone Cream - $60/$70

Create your own flavor combinations:

Cake Flavors:   White, Chocolate, Marble, Spice, Carrot, Pistachio, Red Velvet, Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry, Irish Butter, Almond, Coconut, Yellow Cake, Orange Cake

Icings: Italian Buttercream, American Buttercream, Whip Cream, Chocolate Buttercream

Fillings: Jams - Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry,  Mango, Apricot, Cherry, Lemon Curd, Blackberry

                Mousses - Chocolate, White Chocolate, Tiramisu, Espresso, Peanut Butter, Hazelnut,             

Bavarian Cream: Vanilla, Chocolate

If a flavor your are craving is not listed - just ask, and I will make every effort to accommodate your flavor request!

Smash Cakes

Smash Cakes are 4" round and are $25.00.  Smash cakes are available in either chocolate or vanilla and are filled and iced in Italian Buttercream.  We are happy to decorate your cake in a theme of your choice, but please keep in mind, due to the size of the cake, there are limitations.

Receive a Custom Quote

The best way to receive a quote is to include your flavors, how many people you are serving and upload a photo of a cake design. Please fill out the online order form and upload a photo and send to